Carpet remains the #1 choice for floor covering in homes across North America. Roughly 1/2 of all floors today are being carpeted or re-carpeted. Today's styles, colors and enhanced fiber technologies, make carpet an excellent choice for any room in your home.

Why Carpet

  • Soft and luxurious under foot
  • Quieter than hard surfaces floors
  • Wide variety of colors, patterns and textures
  • Easy to decorate with
  • Can go over a variety of sub floors
  • Excellent value relative to other flooring
  • Less messy to install and replace than other flooring
  • Warmer, softer and quieter

Choosing the ideal carpet style is all about knowing the right combination of style and lifestyle.

There are six basic styles of carpet: Textured, Saxony (or plush), frieze, cable, loop, and cut & loop. Each style has its own characteristics and performance capabilities. Carefully consider all of each style's features, qualities and conditions in making your buying decision.


  • Textured carpet is dense often gives a tailored look
  • Very popular style of carpet
  • Reduces footprints and vacuum marks
  • Great for all areas in the home, especially for active families
  • Available in a broad range of prices


  • Formal, traditional and elegant look
  • Smooth, soft, velvet plush look
  • Saxony's have uniform twist and finish
  • good for master bedrooms, dining room or a formal living room
  • not a good choice for high traffic areas or active kids
  • shows footprints and vacuum marks


  • Cut pile style with a high twist level
  • Each strand of yarn is twisted so tightly that it curls over at the end
  • Great for active areas
  • Creates a very casual look
  • Performs well in any area of your home
  • Minimizes footprints and vacuum marks


  • Commonly referred to as a Berber
  • Manufacturing process can produce a level loop or multi-level loop
  • Very durable and ideal for any area of your home
  • Available in solid colors, Berber fleck, patterns with varying levels of loops
  • Minimizes the appearance of traffic patterns


  • Combines cut and looped yarns that create patterns
  • Typically low profile creating a tailored effect
  • Significant number of pattern options from small geometrics to large botanicals
  • Patterned carpet can be used to spruce up any room in your home
  • Dense construction typically leads to excellent performance


  • Constructed of thicker, typically longer yarn
  • Very comfortable underfoot
  • Make great area rugs
  • Best suited for a bedroom or living room
  • Not recommended for stairs, hallways and active rooms



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General Knowledge carpet is made from can make your shopping experience easier. National Floor Covering Alliance member showrooms are committed to helping you select the right products for your style and your lifestyle.

  • Thicker carpet is not always better carpet
  • Tightly twisted carpet yarns result in higher performing carpets
  • Firm and dense pile also typically result in higher performance
  • Quality carpet cushion has as much to do with the performance of the carpet as does the carpet itself.
  • Seams are not invisible and often the degree of visibility depends on the type of carpet
  • Lighter colors give rooms a larger appearance while darker color can make larger rooms feel more cozy.
  • Carpet offers great sound reduction and warmth under foot


Fiber Content

  • Fiber is the main component of what makes the carpet look, feel and perform the way it does
  • 90% of all carpets are made from synthetic fibers
  • The balance are natural fiber such as wool (by far and away the largest %), sisal, seagrass and more



  • Most carpets made from nylon
  • Nylon offers the greatest performance as it excels in appearance retention, soil and stain resistance, style, design and color
  • Type 6.6 nylon is the premium nylon offering the best performance. You find this in products like Stainmaster carpet.


  • Not as resilient or resistant to abrasion as nylon
  • Naturally stain and fade resistant
  • Predominantly used in commercial carpet


  • Offers a lot of apparent value, color clarity, and good stain and fade resistance
  • Can perform well over short period of time in the right application
  • Often made from recycled plastics


  • Made with DuPont Sonora polymer
  • Highly stain resistant and durable
  • 40% of the fiber made from corn by products


  • Since wool is a natural fiber, it ranges in color from off-white to black, with many earthen tones between.
  • Wool cleans well and is known to age gracefully.
  • Wool is naturally stain resistant, has superior color fastness and is naturally fire retardant
  • Like most higher end fabrics, most people take pride in ownership of wool


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